8 Best Suburbs to Move to in Denver, Colorado

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Living in a suburb is a wonderful experience if you only choose the best ones in Denver. The place that you decide to live determines a lot about the quality of education your children get, the perfect environment, and the availability of resources you need.

The best suburbs are structured in a way that would provide for all your needs. Deciding to live in the very best areas would fill in the gap left by choosing to live in the outskirts of the town. With the 8 best suburbs to live in Denver, Colorado, you can get all you want and more. 

So before you secure the services of a moving company let’s review them:

1. Holly Hills

With a population of 2,909, Holly Hills gives you both the rural feel. The environment is safe and has coffee shops, restaurants, and other fun places. The Cherry Creek School district and other highly rated schools are in this suburb. Holly Hills is the number one choice for raising a family, especially with its many parks. However, the houses here are highly-priced.

2. Inverness

Inverness has a population of 1,465 people. It is rated as the number one place for young professionals. Also, if you have a family and want your children to attend the public school, Inverness has the perfect ones. They have a security guard that overlooks the affairs of the suburb to guarantee safety.

3. Centennial 

If you want to make a great start with your life and family, Centennial is the right location. With a population of 109,505 people, you have the opportunity to relate massively with people. You can easily buy a house in Centennial because they are affordable. This suburb also holds a wide variety of activities you can engage in.

4. Greenwood Village

This suburb has a population of 15,677 people and it is a place that consists of rare sights that you can explore. It is a wonderful place for both individuals and families. They hold no discrimination about your identity, and their schools are epic both academically and in athletics. Greenwood Village is one of the safest suburbs in Denver.

5. Superior

Superior is a suburb with 13,014 persons residing in it, with the greater population being kids. In Superior, you don’t have to worry about your kids making friends because they are everywhere. The suburb does community events that bring people together, and the crime rate is low. You also get affordable houses both for renting and buying. Those who relocate to Superior often choose moving services in Arvada, CO for assistance.

6. Highlands Ranch

This is another of the most populated suburbs in Denver, with 105,147 people residing in it. Highlands Ranch is a beautiful place where you can relate with friendly and fun people. This suburb is an area where you hardly hear of violence, even with the large population.

7. Louisville 

Louisville is not one of the most diverse places you would stay in Denver; however, the suburb has considerable potential for massive growth. With a population of 20,700, you can enjoy a great company in a cost effective environment.

8. Cherry Creek

This suburb has a population of 12,601 people living in it. Cherry Creek provides you with a wide range of options to choose from, ranging from coffee shops to restaurants, parks, and even high-quality schools. The area is saturated with intellectuals, who you can have witty conversations, especially because they are liberal in this area.