How To Get Your Car Ready For A Summer Roadtrip


If your family loves a summer road trip, you should always know how to get your car ready. With this, you can be assured that your car is in good condition and won’t cause any inconvenience or ruin your summer road trip experience.

Below are some of the things you should take note are the following:

Don’t Forget about Car Maintenance

If your vehicle is old and you are worried about whether it is up for a trip far from your home, consider taking your car to a professional mechanic for inspection and maintenance. Spending time at a mechanic shop is worth it and if you do not know a reliable mechanic, you may hire a third party inspector to inspect your car’s condition.

Check Your Car’s Tires

You should always pay attention with proper tire inflation, especially during summer. Aside from cutting your fuel mileage, underinflated tires will run hotter. According to experts, heavily loaded car combined with sun-baked roads can result to a blowout.

Make sure to follow the listed tire pressures on your car, whether on a car’s decal or in the owner’s manual, not the value on the tire’s sidewall, which is the maximum safe pressure of the tire. The recommended pressures are for the cold tires and not for the ones that are driven on for several miles or have sat under the sun. If you need to fill hot tires, you should go for a few pounds higher and check them again if they are cold.

You’re definitely not going to want need a flat tire change or any type of roadside assistance during rush hour on a busy expressway or road.

Load Up Your Things Properly

Regardless if your tires are inflated properly, there are some limits on how much your car can carry. Once you fill up each seat, you might have only some pounds or so left for luggage. Ratings differ widely by vehicle. Therefore, you have to consult the user’s manual to see what you could safely haul. Overloading cars can make it handle poorly or break the suspension parts. The way you load your things for summer road trip matters a lot. Put the heaviest ones low and to the middle of your car to avoid making your vehicle feel tippy.

Keep the Engine Cool

Every car depends on liquid cooling for its engine. Some call the liquid antifreeze, but it is chemically structured that will keep your car’s engine from overheating. Ask your car expert when it is time to change your car’s coolant to ensure that your vehicle will work in optimal condition regardless of how hot the summer is.

Tune Up the Car’s Headlights

It’s always a great idea to get the most light during night time. However, if you are headed out of town to unlit and unfamiliar back roads, it is more critical. Thus, if your headlights have grown hazy and yellow with age, you should get a restoration kit. This will help you improve the total output of your headlamp by 30%, which is beneficial on summer night road trip.

If you encounter troubles on the road this summer get in touch with Palo Alto Towing Service for help.